Trendy Vegans: Is Being Trendy More Important Than Being True?

What lies in the word trendy? Let’s think.

My first response would be a so-called it-girl, and then all the other girls who follows her lead. But being trendy is much more than smart clothes, a cool haircut, or the right crowd.

It’s about eating habits, TV-Shows, books, and lifestyles. It’s about everything that has such a big impact that it manages to change things, and not only things, but people.

For me the leading trend right now is veganism. I also had a personal experience with some vegans recently, so I’ll use being vegan as an example, but this is not about being vegan or not. It’s about living in a world, where it’s hard to find out who you really are, and trends seems to make it even tougher.

So, let me ask this; how many vegans are eating their rabbit diets for themselves, and how many suck it up for now, just to fit in and sit at the cool kids table?

Yellow Trendsetters and Vegans

I’m sure being vegan is the healthiest thing for you, others, and the planet, but we found out that smoking was bad a long time ago too, and yet I still see a lot smokers out there. My question is not whether or not being vegan is the right thing, but why do people turn vegan? For themselves or to fit in? Are you vegan, because you truly commit and believe in the lifestyle? Or are you currently vegan, because that’s the trendy thing to do at the moment? Yes, there is a difference.

Once, I wore pink for three months straight. Not because I ever liked wearing pink. It makes me look like a candyfloss. And not the good kind. I didn’t look like something you wanted to take a bite of. I looked like a pink, fluffy disaster. But I wore it every day, consistently. Until, they announced pink was out of season, and the new colour on the block was yellow. I would do a lot of things to fit in at that point in my life, but I wasn’t about to look like Pichu for three or maybe even six months of my life. So, I parted ways with the cool kids. I ate alone, but at least I wasn’t dressed in yellow.

But do trends ever run out of style? Adults may not tell you to wear a certain colour to sit at a table, but I was recently asked to leave one, once they found out I wasn’t vegan. It wasn’t exactly bullying. I’ll give them that. But my chicken salad made them so uncomfortable that they had to make me feel the same way.

I left, a bit embarrassed, very uncomfortable, and soon to be pissed. I wasn’t angry at them, but I felt this agony inside me. Do we ever grow up? Do things ever change?

Trendy Girls and not so Trendy Me

The thing that got to me wasn’t that I was once again left out. If they had all eaten plants for years, then it would be different. The thing was; two out of four had turned to veganism a few months ago. One of them did it for her new (vegan) boyfriend, and the other did it after getting a new job (where nine out of ten are vegans).

And somehow it sends me straight back to school, and though I have declined to wear yellow and eat plants, I don’t want to sit alone. Not anymore.

So, I might not be trendy, but maybe you’ll safe me a seat at your table for at least being me?


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