5 Skills That Are Worth Learning

Some skills are worth learning. These five skills are hard to learn, but once you master them, they will pay off the rest of your life.

  1. Speaking up

Public speaking is a necessary skill, no matter what you do, or who you are. It can be speaking up in front of a group of friends, colleagues, or millions of strangers. Nevertheless, it can be very frightening. When you get up, and all eyes are on you, it’s normal to get a little nervous.

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If public speaking is your kryptonit, you should learn from Warren Buffett. He opened up about how his life changed, once he mastered the skill. And of course how he did it.

  1. Being honest with yourself

If you tell yourself, you know it all, then you’re doomed. How will you ever move forward and learn more? How will you fix your weaknesses? It doesn’t matter who you are. There’s always more to learn. So, don’t be blind. If you lie to yourself, then you will always be leading yourself with your eyes closed.

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Mark Cuban said. “Know what you know, and know what you don’t know.”

  1. Listening

There’s a skill to being quiet (for some time, not forever) and be able to listen. You should learn to be the last one to speak. Do that, and you’ll be rewarded in more than one way.

How? If you hold on to your opinion, just until everyone else have spoken, then they will feel like they have been heard and contributed. Also, you get the ability to hear what everybody else thinks, before you voice your opinion.

But don’t stop at listening. Ask why they have the opinion they have. Try to understand.

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One of Nelson Mandela’s biggest gifts was his ability to listen.

  1. Managing your time

In 2017, it’s so easy to get distracted and feel busy. It’s true. We really are busier than any other generation. Unfortunately, we often think, because we are busy, this means we are effective. But are we really though? Or are we spending too much time on distractions?

Remember, time is the most precious thing you have.

Bonus round

Bishop T.D. Jakes gives a great speech on this topic.

  1. Staying present in the moment

It’s very easy to forget to be present. We think about yesterday, tomorrow and two years from now. We spend so much time worrying, but being in the present moment is important. It’s in the present moment that you’ll have the greatest control.

There’s a connection between happiness and the ability to live in the present moment. And who doesn’t want to be happy?

So how is this connected? Well, happiness comes down to your attitude and your thoughts. Being present is about bringing your thoughts to this moment.

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Mel Robbins talks about the connection of happiness and staying present in the moment. If you want to know more about this, you should definitely look her up.


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