How To Stop Wasting Your Time

“I mean this is just who I am.” Well, not anymore. We’re going to give you the tools to stop wasting your time, be more productive and escape your slackerness. Yes, it’s a word. Look it up.

Okay, so if you did look it up, you’ll know that it isn’t an actual word. But don’t you feel smart now? Now that you have that boost (and if you didn’t do it, then you really need to do something about that laziness) we can get started.

Be aware

Take a moment. What you are doing? Are you currently watching makeup tutorials, going through Instagram (again) or watching one of Netflix’s bad recommendations? (No, you don’t actually have to watch Chuck Bass, sorry Ed Westwick, talk salesmen language, just because Netflix recommended it, after noticing you’re rewatching Gossip Girl for the fourth time)

Be aware, take charge and swap what you’re doing for something more productive.

Accept your weakness

You really love your phone and you can’t turn it off. We get it. But luckily the world is filled with people who lack self-control, so they created apps for that. You just need to go to the app and they will shut down your social media sites for a certain amount of time.

The app StayFocusd is a lifesaver for weak souls.

Get rid of all distractions

You are aware, you took the next step, but now that your eyes are not actually on a screen, you finally notice the mess you’re sitting in. Wow, have those plates been there all week? Did that clothes fly down to the floor? Yes, it’s amazing what you’ll see once you look at something else than Instagram models and food accounts.

Set up a specific time to do the housework, some cleaning or that third thing that might distract you. This way you know you’ll handle it later or it’s already handled when you sit down to be productive.

Know your task

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in a whole bunch of ideas that will stay unfinished, because it’s impossible to do it all at once. Make sure to really look inside and understand yourself. What it is you really want? Now that you know that, then you’ll know what to start with.

Remember, you can always come back and do some of the other things, but you need to start out by focusing on one.



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